Ascent of Urgathoa

The Summoning of Urgathoa

Oh shit, we done F-ed up

The PCs were traveling from Dragonwall to Thornvale when they encountered a wounded man running away from some kobolds.  The wounded man told them that he had to get something back to his temple before the kobolds got it. The PCs battled the kobolds after the kobolds killed the man, and afterwards the PCs retrieved a large golden pendant in the shape of a beetle. 

Shortly after the PCs met with a group of people who were asking about the location of the pendant.  After some back and forth, the three people took the pendant and left back into the woods.  Sensing something wasn't quite right, the PCs followed the group back to a building hidden in the forest.

When the party got to the building, they watched as High Priest CThurn broke the pendant.  Everyone else in the room except C'Thurn rotted away or died, and from one of the corpses a small female child crawled out.  She was identified as Urgathoa before teleporting away with C'Thurn.

The PCs headed back to Dragonwall to inform the followers of Sarenrae that Urgathoa was on earth.  They met a Paladin named Rath who said he would help as he could.  Rath informed the PCs that since they were present at her summonging, Urgathoa would always know their whereabouts, would be able to eavesdrop on them at night, but that they should be at least a little protected from her attacks and would be able to kill her. Kind of a crappy trade off, but what can you do right?  He also told them that would have around 3 months until Urgathoa reaches adult hood, where her power will be at its strongest.  Since she is on earth, however, her power is greatly diminished from her full "god pwer."

They also met Rath's friend and halfling priest Glip Glop who is trying his best to get the characters any items that they may need. 


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